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March 26, 2020

We thought we’d give you a small update of what we’re currently working on:

  • first size-L frames come in end of April
  • preparing extensive frame testing
  • suspension tuning with Fox
  • finalizing the color and graphics schemes
  • CAD development on M and XL frames
  • finalizing development on new shifting options
  • building the website and webshop
  • organizing logistics and production

A bit of a shocker. Not even launched yet and already a new name?

We were re-thinking our brand name and expect to launch with a name that fits the bike and our brand even better. We’ll keep you posted.

We expect that the first pre-order reservations can be placed by June 2020.

play your own game

Everyday routine was never further away. Ride through new territory whilst feeling the rush of big drops. Reach great speeds on flowy trials as you kick up the dirt.


Whether you are a race-winning pro or not, you want an advanced mountain bike that gives you unparalleled confidence. A machine* that challenges you to push ever harder.

* The M-series is a range of high-end mountain bikes. Combining confidence inspiring geometry, great design and our patented suspension platform in an engaging package using reclaimed automotive carbon in the process. They are equipped with the best suspension components from our partner Fox, hubs from Industry Nine, wheels from Crankbrothers, top of the line brakes from Magura and a Pinion C1.9 or C1.12 gearbox. We will offer this beast in various layouts; a playful M7 with 150mm rear suspension and 27.5″ wheels, a racy M9 with 140mm rear suspension and 29″ wheels and a cheeky M97 with 150mm rear suspension in a mixed wheel setup.

stay tuned

Be the first to know when we launch. Share your best idea’s with us for the new bikes that we will develop. And join us in the testing of early stage frames and components.


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